ChemDeals Marketplace Benefits

ChemDeals Marketplace Benefits

In the chemical industry, almost all companies face problems deciding what to do with materials that are difficult to move or are no longer required. ChemDeals is pleased to offer an easier way to move any surplus, obsolete, or slow-moving materials.


ChemDeals provides a central marketplace where chemical industry professionals can better manage the purchasing and selling of surplus chemicals while saving time and money. Excess inventories bought and sold through ChemDeals include chemicals utilized in a wide range of specialties including Paints & Coatings, Rubber Compounding, Adhesives & Sealants, Cleaning Products, Food Products, Plastics, Water Treatment, Wire & Cable, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics, and Research. The unique advantages ChemDeals offers allow Buyers and Sellers to transact excess inventory simply, efficiently and anonymously.


At ChemDeals, our highest priority is to provide added value to our clients. This is achieved by providing complete transaction management and ensuring that our clients have a succesful and pleasant experience every time they buy or sell. Our easy-to-use and personalized website combined with our superior customer support make ChemDeals the first choice of chemical industry professionals.


Reduce the money spent warehousing obsolete inventory or sending items to costly hazardous waste disposal, by selling through the ChemDeals Marketplace. Or, take advantage of opportunities to save by buying materials you require at significant discounts. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, utilizing the ChemDeals Marketplace will save your company money.

Benefits for All Users
  • Personal Service
    Every ChemDeals client is assigned a dedicated Account Manager readily available by phone, fax and e-mail. Even when you use our online services, your Account Manager will be there to help your transactions go as smoothly as possible.
  • Anonymous Trading
    The identities of the buyers and sellers on our system are never disclosed before, during, or after any transaction. We do provide anonymous client profiles with certification, revenue range and association information to aid your buying and selling decisions.
  • Security
    All new clients are screened before access is granted to the ChemDeals services. The ChemDeals website also uses VeriSign's SSL encryption technology to ensure that your data stays private.
  • Shipping Logistics
    ChemDeals prepares all shipping papers, and makes all arrangements with the freight company for the pickup and delivery of each transaction.
  • Payment Management
    ChemDeals takes responsibility for arranging payment from buyers, and guarantees payment to all sellers.
  • Import/Export Arrangements
    ChemDeals will make all arrangements with an import/export broker and the freight company when our clients want to buy or sell internationally.
Seller Benefits
  • No Account or Posting Fees
    There are no sign-up fees or account fees of any sort. Post all of your available surplus items on ChemDeals for free - there are no posting fees!
  • Greater Trading Flexibility
    Clients can offer items for sale through ChemDeals without limiting other selling options. The only ChemDeals obligation is for materials no longer available to be removed from your account.
  • Reduce Inventory Holding & Disposal Costs
    By selling your slow-moving, surplus and obsolete inventory, you can decrease your inventory holding costs and reduce or eliminate disposal costs.
Buyer Benefits
  • Satisfaction Guarantees
    Our satisfaction guarantee ensures all buyers that their ChemDeals purchases meet the stated specifications, or the material can be returned at no cost.
  • Automated Shipment Tracking
    Login to your online account and check the status of your purchases with just a click.
  • Chemseek - Personalized Updates by E-Mail and Fax
    Let us know specific materials or the categories of materials you are interested in, and we will send you e-mail and/or fax updates of new materials available that match your interests. Make sure to talk to your Account Manager to customize your Chemseek and get alerts on all the materials that are of interest to you!
  • Reduce Raw Materials Costs
    Find materials you regularly purchase on the ChemDeals Marketplace and save 10%-50% or more.